5 Best Webhosting sites in 2020

webhosting sites

Now that 2020 is just around the corner, it’s high time to decide your goals for the coming year. If you are related to social media and or planning to start your own website take a moment and check out the best webhosting sites.

Decide What You Want

webhosting sites

Types of Hosting

Before jumping to conclusion it is vital to first make a list of your requirements. If you are expecting heavy traffic on your site get a dedicated hosting and if you are new and not expecting much traffic go for shared hosting.


It is very significant to do thorough research or else you may realise that you are caught into a trap and wasted your money.

Sometimes the unlimited bandwidth mentioned in the advertisement is not actually unlimited.

Pricing should be seen with a magnifying glass or else the seemingly low price might turn out to be just a bate to befool customers. So be on the lookout for small red numbers and words written just by the price offered.

Some webhosting sites do not provide upgrades with your changing requirements. This mostly results in you unable to do a lot of your work as it requires upgraded versions of soft wares. 

In low price you may end up having a very low quality service and lose viewers as the site does not load fast. It is stated by Facebook you have only three seconds to keep your viewer on your site and if your site takes more than that they will eventually leave.

  After deep analysis and research results show that below mentioned are top 5 webhosting sites of 2020.

Blue Host  

blue host webhosting sites

Blue host is found to be the most successful webhosting site. It has got 9.8 outstanding rank. It is not very cheap with pricing of $2.95/month. You may consider it expensive but take a look at what you are getting. High speed, upgrades, easy to use hosting is ideal for newcomers. They even have multiple hosting packages for their customers which one can select in accordance to their requirements and budget. This webhost is suitable for both new web builders with no technical knowhow and seasoned webmasters.   Upgrades are introduced every now and then to match your needs and upgradation is very rapid. Yoast software allows you to create a perfectly SEO content and readability. My personal experience with Blue host is awesome. So for new web builders it is highly recommended.

Host Gator

hostgator webhosting sites

Host Gator is prize winner it has won best webhosting award from PCMag. They have scored 9.5 rating and their price is starting from $ 2.75/month.   They are renowned for being the best webhosting service for all from shared to dedicated and to VPS. They are in this business for last two decades and are keeping their quality constant. They provide upgrades frequently to meet the needs of their customers. They keep on introducing new features frequently. The Host Gator is most suitable for starters, word press businesses and any business which allows flexibility ease and features rich hosting

A2 Hosting 

A2 hosting webhosting sites

A2 Hosting scores third position with 9.3 and its least per month price is $3.92. A2 claims to deliver trustworthy, rapid and economical hosting which is compatible to top names in industry. It offers stock of features along with a vast variety of fast hosting options. It is perfect for both new comers as well as seasoned web builders. It is easy to use with outstanding customer service and money back guarantee. Its only set backs are that it imposes restrictions on cheap plans and lacks the windows-based server options.

Network solutions

network solutions webhosting sites

Network solution is ranked with 8.4 score its price start from $5.69/month. At one place their starting rate was mentioned to be $ 0.99/month and their official site offered starting price that I mentioned above. This decreases their reliability. Apart from it, it is suitable for webmasters and not for new web developers. There are many services for marketing and website building tools to promote your site. 24/7 technical support is available. Network Solutions provides cloud hosting packages and word press hosting and one can buy a domain, build a blog or Ecommerce site including hosting their servers. The planes Network Solutions offer are perfectly suitable for the requirements of small businessmen and individuals. VPS hosting and dedicated are not available.



Last but not the least is Hostinger. There rank was 8.4 and price mentioned was $0.80 per month. But price on their official site was starting from $.99 per month. The official website has provided with a long list of pricing based on different packages. The Hostinger built sites are SEO friendly as well as responsive. 24/7 customer service is also available. VPS and cloud hosting is also available and its speed is blazing fast. The Hostinger does not offer dedicated hosting.