Top 5 WordPress Themes for eLearning Website

Are you looking for an education website theme on WordPress, which gives an attractive view and the flexibility to students to maneuver the different courses offered by you? If yes, then please read on…

In this article, we will tell you about Top 5 WordPress Themes for e-Learning Website. These themes are not limited to WordPress; these are also used by different blog owners and designers. These themes will provide you the perfect structure to offer your services to the students in a smooth way. So, without wasting too much time, let’s get started with e-Learning.

#1: e-Learning Theme:

It is one of the best Learning Management System theme (LMS), which provide you the flexible platform to show your educational services regarding courses, packages, etc. You can also make a separate menu for your latest and popular courses. You can add all the courses in the directory of popular courses, which are offered by your company and have a higher value at the market place; on the other hand, you can add all the new courses in the directory of the latest courses.

e-Learning offers you an individual inventory to provide your services for free or with a premium rate. Not only this, you can add some testimonials which will support strengthen your services on the market place and encourage students to buy your courses. Besides this, it will provide plenty of features, which enhance your website and provide students a convenient platform to buy your services.

#2: Reign LearnMate LearnDash Theme:

It is the SEO optimized lightweight and right to left (RTL) supported the theme. It consists of all the Learning Management System theme (LMS) features to bring out your services in the best possible way for the students. It is BuddyPress supported; so you can transform your educational e-Learning website to the social e-learning website.

This theme offers you to disseminate your services into different course templates. Course Review template allows all the students who have used your services to share their reviews. You can also announce your upcoming courses in the upcoming course template. You can also put similar courses in a related course template. The students will get both grid and list layout displays to maneuver your offered courses. Except this, it also offers you a wide range of features for the students to buy your courses with ease.

#3: Astra Theme:

If you are looking for a WordPress theme, which provides you the fastest internet speed for SEO, then Astra is the best choice for you. It is mostly used for educational websites. It is a lightweight LMS theme and brings flexibility to the student to maneuver for different courses. You can add the testimonials to support your services and encourage students to buy your courses for a better future. It can also be used for a social e-Learning website.

It is WooCommerce supported and considered as the best theme to sell educational courses. Astra theme comes with two versions; the free version and paid version. The paid version comprises the best features as it is a plugin with LearnDash. It gives you unique features like Distraction-Free Learning, Personalized Profile Image, and a lot more. You can also use many other plugins along with LearnDash. Like Learn dash, you can create different courses section to show your services efficiently.

#4: Reign LearnMate LifterLMS Theme:

It is often used as an education WordPress theme. You can create an SEO-optimized e-learning website on WordPress as it offers high flexibility to the students. It is a lightweight e-learning WordPress theme with RTL and BuddyPress supported. You can transform your education e-Learning website into a social e-Learning website.

This theme is supported by many WordPress plugins like bbPress, Paid Membership Pro, WooCommerce, and many more. Similar to Learn Dash, it offers a course review template that allows your past users to share the ideas about your services. Students will get all the upcoming courses in the course coming soon template. You can find your related courses in the Related Course template. It offers the students to focus on their lessons without getting distracted.

#5: Learn Theme:

It is another highly rated premium cost of $49 theme, which is best for educational WordPress websites to sell your courses online. It is the Learning Management System theme (LMS), which offers you to provide your courses in different templates. It offers you to list all the courses you offer in the latest course templates and to place all the upcoming courses in the next course templates. Except this, you will get many features to sell your courses through your website.


We have made you familiar with the top 5 WordPress themes. These e-Learning themes are used by thousands of peoples; who want to sell their courses for an online passive income. With many common and unique features, these e-Learning themes are considered as the best themes for educational purposes.